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New Releases

New Releases

Plan for a successful season. We’re committed to providing high-quality varieties for growers. Please contact us for any enquiries.

Genie Wheat Intergraln


Baker Seed Co. has selected cereal seed from a range of breeders to bring to our growers the best varieties for Australian growing conditions.

Pasture and Forage

Pasture and Forage

Well managed crops produce moderate to high quality feed that can either be directly grazed or cut and conserved as hay or silage.

Pulse Lupin


The pulse industry is one of Australian agriculture’s success stories. Australia is now a major player in the global pulse markets.

Baker Seed Co. are a wholly Australian, family owned seed business based in Rutherglen – North East Victoria. We have been producing and processing seed for four generations.

At Baker Seed Co, we are dedicated to understanding our customers varietal and industry needs. We have developed long standing relationships with major seed companies throughout Australia, enabling us to produce, process and market the latest varieties to support their requirements.

Seed Advice and Agronomic Support

Baker Seed Co. have had a long-standing tradition of providing sound advice to growers regarding new varieties, farming practices and technologies. We continue this tradition through our team of highly dedicated and passionate staff with a range of seed knowledge and expertise.

We are proud to be a major stakeholder in the development and delivery of new and innovative products to satisfy farmer’s needs in a challenging and changing environment.

Quality and Traceability

Baker Seed Co’s attention to detail and quality control sees us as the supplier and service provider of choice to a variety of industry sectors.

Whether it is through paddock inspections or seed plant hygiene, everything we do is with quality in mind, this attention to detail means that care is taken in every process to ensure that products are presented well and to the highest standard for the end user.

Processing and Packaging

Baker Seed Co. are equipped and capable to professionally target the separation and segregation of foreign material, seeds and inert matter from a wide range of plant species.

Our seed coating and treating facilities insure ingredients are applied onto each seed with precision accuracy, maintaining a high standard of dosage efficacy for fungicides, insecticides, nutritional and biological treatments.

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Baker Seed Co. is dedicated to providing our customers with the very best seed varieties to maximise their yields and profits, while providing products for peak performance — just as we have done for over 50 years.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how our team can work with you and our premium range of seeds to achieve maximum returns – this season, and every season,