Forage Wheat & Triticale

Many cereals species can be retained and conserved as valuable source of forage, to later feed livestock in periods of feed shortages. Some cereal species and varieties are better suited to specific forage applications over others, depending on their quality, growth habit, environment and seasonality.

The following varieties produce high levels of dry matter, and are suitable for production of silage and hay

Illabo Wheat

  • High yielding, dual purpose winter wheat with a compact canopy
  • Mid-fast maturing and is 2-3 days quicker to mature than Wedgetail
  • APH in South Eastern Zone and AH quality classification in Southern Zone
  • Early sow to utilize moisture and maximise dry matter growth to fill the feed gap
  • Acid soil tolerance (MT), strong Stripe Rust (RMR) and Black Point resistance (MRMS)

Illabo Wheat 2018

Bennett Wheat

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  • High yielding, awnless winter wheat
  • Australian Standard White (ASW) classification for South east and Southern Zones
  • Ideal for graze and grain or straight grain production
  • Suitable for sowing from mid March
  • As a wheat, provides alternative herbicide control options compared to oats and other forage crops

Bennett Wheat 2018

Astute Triticale

  • Very high and stable grain yield
  • Large bulky leaf
  • Well suited to medium-high yield potential environments
  • A suitable replacement for Hawkeye, mid-season maturity for planting from late April onwards.
  • Acid soil (aluminium) tolerance
Astute Triticale Baker Seed Co

Sunlamb Wheat

  • Late maturing awnless long season spring wheat, suits early April planting
  • Suitable for grazing, fodder and grain production
  • Good Yellow leaf spot resistance (MS-MR), offering an early sown wheat option for planting into cereal stubbles.
  • ASW quality classification for Southern and South Eastern Zones
Sunlamb Wheat Baker Seed Co
Sunlamb Wheat Baker Seed Co

Endeavour Triticale

  • Semi-awnless dual purpose winter variety
  • Late season. Ideal for early sowing, grazing and later season fodder production
  • Exceptional drymatter production
  • Good disease tolerance, very tolerant to acid soil

Endeavour Triticale 2019 – Seed Crop Production

Cartwheel Triticale

  • Mid-late season dual purpose triticale
  • Stripe rust replacement for Tobruk
  • Good grain recovery and test weights compared with other grazing varieties